Urban Escape and Evasion Techniques After The Collapse

Urban Escape and Evasion Techniques After The Collapse
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Urban Escape and Evasion TechniquesFirst, there were riots and now the city’s been dark for months.

There’s no indication things are going to improve anytime soon. Roaming street gangs have formed and stealing everything of practical value in this harsh new world.

Roadblocks are everywhere and the few vehicles that still run are either gunned down in the street as someone tries to escape or they’re stolen as the gangs make their rounds.

Movement is what keeps me alive.

I travel light and only on foot during periods of low-light. Each day is becoming more difficult to find food and this life on the move is hard on me. There are quiet whispers of a community 200 miles outside of this hellish city working together to survive.

The squeeze on resources has choked the life out of this city. It’s time to escape… [Read more…]

Revolver Vs Semi Auto Which Is Best For Concealed Carry

Revolver Vs Semi Auto Which Is Best For Concealed Carry
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Revolver vs Semi Auto

Today I want to break down the pros and cons of carrying a revolver vs semi auto to help you make an informed decision on this hotly debated topic.

Any Breaking Bad fans out there?

“If five rounds won’t get the job done, you’re into spray and pray, and another six isn’t likely to seal the deal.”

“You can’t get more dependable than a wheel gun.”

Recognize those words of wisdom imparted to Walter White just before he bought his snub-nose 38 Special?

So maybe you’re considering your handgun choices for daily concealed carry and the revolver has captured your eye. You’re drawn to the simplicity, ruggedness, reliability, ergonomics and even beauty of a wheel gun – but do they make good carry weapons?

In a day when many are carrying semi-autos with up to fifteen double stacked rounds of 9 mm – what good is a five shot revolver?

Actually, the revolver is a very good choice. [Read more…]

Survival Kits – How To Build Or Buy One To Get Prepared

Survival Kits – How To Build Or Buy One To Get Prepared
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Survival Kits

A survival kit is just a group of critical survival gear and supplies put into some sort of container (bag, pack, tin, etc.) and there’s a lot to be said for owning a quality survival kit.

Even if you’re a survival expert and can make fishhooks out of pop-tops, fashion hunting bows from plywood, and turn a shoe into a water filtration system – you never want to have to rely on those last resort measures. At least not in a real critical emergency situation.

Having well-stocked survival kits, and essential bushcraft gear at your disposal is practical. And in the long run, it can be just as important to your surviving as all those fancy tricks you’ve learned.

I am not saying that a survivalist is only as good as his equipment. Being creative and adaptive in survival is still essential. But having a good survival kit always increases your survival odds. [Read more…]

8 Affordable DIY Generators The Utility Companies Absolutely Hate

8 Affordable DIY Generators The Utility Companies Absolutely Hate
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DIY GeneratorsIt would be impossible to list all the reasons why you might want to build a DIY generator.

  • Maybe you’re preparing for a long-term emergency and want to generate your own power if the grid gets wiped out.
  • Maybe you’re living in a cabin in the wilderness, sustained by the land, supported by Mother Nature.
  • Perhaps you dream of off-grid independence and self-reliance.
  • Maybe you’d like to knock a few dollars off your electric bill or even get rid of it completely.
  • Or maybe you want to do it for the pure joy of making functional science.

Regardless your reason, the goal is always the same; to produce and consume your own electricity.

[Read more…]

How To Build An Underground Survival Bunker From Scratch

How To Build An Underground Survival Bunker From Scratch
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Survival BunkerEvery serious survivalist dreams of having their own underground survival bunker. A haven where we can escape to in the event of an emergency – an underground shelter where you can take refuge.

Whether you call it a survival bunker, an apocalyptic bunker, a bomb shelter, nuclear shelter or fallout shelter…it’s a place you can survive (typically underground) with plenty of clean air, fresh water, and food in times epic disaster.

Sure, VIP’s like the President, billionaires, and wealthy moguls have emergency bunkers. Opulent spaces outfitted with massage recliners, flat screen theaters, and ‘Charmin extra triple ply’ gentle toilet paper…

  • But what about the commoners like you and me?
  • What about the regular people with regular jobs and regular occupations?
  • Where are our fancy security measures?
  • Where are our lavish survival bunkers lying in wait?

To put it plainly: there aren’t any. But there could be… [Read more…]

S&W Airweight Review – A Badass Little Revolver For Conceal Carry

S&W Airweight Review – A Badass Little Revolver For Conceal Carry
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S&W Airweight ReviewSo you’re on the lookout for a new conceal carry weapon (CCW). One that’s small, light reliable, and accurate while still packing a punch.

Maybe you currently carry a popular semi-auto CCW (such as a Glock 26, S&W M&P Shield, Ruger LCP) but are looking for something even lighter and smaller.

Or perhaps you’ve heard about the reliability of the revolver over a semi-auto and are reconsidering your options.

Or you’re looking for a solid conceal carry firearm for someone new to carrying. Something reliable, simple and not intimidating.

Well, then I may have just the right gun for you. [Read more…]

How To Throw Knives For Survival

How To Throw Knives For Survival
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How To Throw KnivesWatching a skilled knife thrower in action is an incredible thing to behold.

But if you’ve never tried it yourself, you may not realize “the experts make it look easy”. Accurately throwing knives takes a lot of practice (and some guidance doesn’t hurt either).

Why You Should Learn To Throw Knives

But first, why would you want to throw a knife in the first place?

Well, perhaps you want to know the skill as a “last resort” self-defense tactic. Maybe you’d like to hunt small game silently and discreetly. Or perhaps you dream of joining a circus to dazzle crowds with your bladed accuracy.

Or maybe you just think throwing knives is badass. Which it is indeed!

Regardless of why you want to throw a knife, learning the skill takes guidance. So this article will serve as detailed instruction on how to throwing knives. [Read more…]

Bushcraft Gear – 7 Of The Best Bushcraft Tools For Survival

Bushcraft Gear – 7 Of The Best Bushcraft Tools For Survival
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bushcraft gear - survival knife cutting

Bushcraft Gear For The Serious Survivalist

The ability to invent, create and use tools are one of the major ways humans differ from animals. Bushcraft gear is the group of tools we first invented as a species. The gear we first crafted from sticks, stones, and bones found in nature. In order to make knives, arrows, spears, fire, shelters, etc.

The best bushcraft gear is the tools that give the ability to make a large array of other tools. For example, having a bushcraft knife opens up a world of possibilities to build hundreds of other useful tools and items.

Before humans became advanced engineers and scientists, we played by the rules of nature. If you go back far enough in history, survival was an everyday endeavor; it was the only lifestyle we knew.

There was no comfortable couch waiting for us at home, or steamy hot shower either. There were no grocery stores and no prepackaged food to meet our hunger pains.

And worse yet, no indoor plumbing so when “nature called”, we were already there because the wild was our home.

Living in those circumstances required a very particular set of tools and skills. What we today call bushcraft. [Read more…]

How To Design A Rainwater Collection System For Survival

How To Design A Rainwater Collection System For Survival
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Rainwater Collection SystemShould you install a rainwater collection system? The simple answer is yes. Because water is vital.

Hopefully, that’s not news to you. It’s the only resource on Earth that’s guaranteed to hold (or increase) in value during a crisis. Oil, gas and even gold all pale in comparison to the real value of fresh drinking water in a survival situation.

It’s the stuff of all living things. It’s so essential, in fact, that astronomers search for water on other planets more than other chemicals for signs of life.

We wouldn’t exist without our best friend, H2O. Without water, human beings would shrivel up like raisins. We’d die like a plant in a severe drought.

So learning how to collect a sustainable source of drinking water is a vital survival skill. [Read more…]